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Sales Fundamentals Undergraduate Badge

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Businesses have an increased need for professionals with knowledge and skills in sales, including strategy, negotiation, analysis, ethics, communication, and the ability to prepare a sales presentation.

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Program Overview

The sales fundamentals undergraduate badge is designed to expose you to the most common techniques used in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. This badge is designed for Seidman College of Business (SCB) students and those who have an interest in sales, including engineering, STEM, and adult professionals.

This badge is open to those currently enrolled in the SCB by selecting it in Banner. Students who are not in the SCB will need a permit for each course and maintain a 2.0 GPA. Note: This is the prerequisite for the technical sales badge.

Mastering the skills and topics in the badge will prepare you to:

  • Identify typical negotiation tactics and strategies.
  • Apply appropriate responses to competitor tactics.
  • Implement actions necessary to achieve a completed deal.
  • Demonstrate how to establish and maintain effective business relationships.
  • Analyze different types of buyers and how professional selling is used to direct buyers to situation-improvement solutions.
  • Examine different selling techniques and relationships in the international marketplace.
  • Illustrate the importance of product, company, and competitive knowledge.

What is a Badge?

A digital badge, or badge, is a record of achievement that recognizes a student's completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. GVSU offers both credit and non-credit bearing badges as digital credentials. Credit-bearing badges include anywhere from 0.5 to 15 academic credits and may include additional noncredit criteria. Credit-bearing badges are also posted to the academic transcript.

Why Earn a Sales Fundamentals Badge at Grand Valley?

  • Develop a basis for marketing strategy and analysis.
  • Distinguish between integrative and distributive negotiations using hands-on exercises and case studies.
  • Prepare and demonstrate a sales presentation.
  • Add highly marketable and desirable skills to your resume for potential employers, while enhancing your education.
  • Badges are an efficient way to obtain a specialization, and can be completed in a year.


Admissions to complete a digital badge is open to both degree and nondegree seeking students. If you are not currently a Grand Valley student, start your application here.   

For current GVSU students:

  • Declare your badge via myBanner. Login to Banner Self-Service, click on Student, Student Records, Add a Certificate or Badge to your Program, Select the appropriate badge from the drop down list, and click Submit.
  • Speak with the appropriate badge coordinator to ensure criteria are being met. You will be able to track your progress toward the badge in myPath as well!
  • Once you are done with the requirements, apply to receive the badge via myBanner.
  • Once the completion of your badge has been verified, the badge will be posted to your student record and will be viewable on your transcript. In addition, your digital badge will be posted on

Location & Format

Students in this program study downtown on the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

  • Face To Face


The digital badge is comprised of three three-credit courses, a total of nine credits:

  • MKT 350 - Marketing Management
  • MKT 353 - Marketing Negotiations
  • MKT 356 - Professional Selling

For More Information

Seidman College of Business
50 Front Avenue SW, SCB 3030
(616) 331-7500

Admissions and Recruitment Office