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AWRI in Muskegon

Water Resource Policy, M.S.

Water is a critical component for life. Even today, water conflict already exists in seemingly water-rich states such as Michigan. As the demand for water grows, issues and concerns related to water resources will become more acute. The availability of water resources over the long-term will be inherently linked to sound water resource policy.

The 1st of its Kind

Grand Valley's water resource policy program is the first of its kind in the state of Michigan.

Answers an Emerging Need

Demands on water resources will continue to grow over the next decade, which will drive program growth in the future.

National Job Growth

Job opportunities in the water resources field are expected to grow 5% in the U.S. by 2026.

Source: EMSI, 2022

Program Overview

The Master of Science in water resource policy will provide you with the foundation to take a leadership role in the development and implementation of future water resource policies. The curriculum is designed for a range of academic backgrounds including the sciences, public administration, political science, etc. In addition, the program has been developed to serve both traditional graduate students and professionals working in the environmental field.

Why Study Water Resource Policy at Grand Valley?

Visit the program website for more information.

Program Details