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An M.S.O.T. student in the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Science on Grand Valley's Health Campus.

Occupational Therapy, M.S.

Occupational therapists (OTs) work with clients of all ages, who have physical, mental, or developmental difficulties to improve participation and engagement in daily activities.

Job Growth by 2025
Grand Valley's Ranking as West Michigan Talent Provider
Median Annual Salary

Source: EMSI, 2020

Program Overview

Two curriculum options: traditional full-time, two year program or the hybrid full-time, three year program (for students who must maintain employment throughout the program due to life commitments.) Both lead to an entry-level Master of Science in occupational therapy. Completion of all prerequisite coursework; a minimum of 50 hours of work, volunteer, and/or job shadow experience with a licensed OT*; and the previous attainment of a bachelor's degree are required before starting either program.

*Due to COVID restrictions, the MSOT program is waiving/rescinding this requirement for the 2022 admissions cycle.

Why Study Occupational Therapy at Grand Valley?

Program Details