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Speech pathology professional working with elementary school students. Photo taken pre-COVID.

Speech-Language Pathology, M.S.

Speech-language pathologists identify and treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders, contribute to differential diagnosis, and provide guidance on prevention and preservation of functional communication and swallowing across the lifespan.

Michigan Job Growth by 2025
U.S. Job Growth by 2025
Fully Accredited

Source: EMSI, 2020

Program Overview

You may pursue a graduate degree via one of two tracks. Track 1 is an intensive four semester applied program for those who have completed the pre-professional requirements and a bachelor's degree. Track 2 is a six semester program, with the first two semesters meeting pre-professional requirements, and the final four semesters an intensive applied program.

Opportunities for supervised clinical practice are provided in community-based healthcare and educational settings located within two hours of GVSU's Health Campus, with opportunities outside this radius potentially available upon request.

Why Study Speech-Language Pathology at Grand Valley?

Program Details