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Data Analytics graduate badge

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The School of Computing now offers graduate-level digital badges. A digital badge, or simply "badge," recognizes your completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. A badge allows you to promote academic achievements online more effectively and in different venues than with a transcript.

Visit the program website for more information.

Program Overview

The School of Computing's data analytics badge is not a degree or certificate. The badge is designed to prepare students to:

  • Analyze, develop, and apply formal models of biomedical decision-making.
  • Apply algorithms for biomedical data mining and bio-sequence analysis.
  • Assess and evaluate data mining software used in bioinformatics and medicine.
  • Compare and contrast various machine learning algorithms and relate them to human learning processes.
  • Describe current research topics in machine learning.
  • Develop new and innovative visualizations to support information exploration.

Admissions and Application

Completion of a bachelor's degree, and evidence of object-oriented programming skills are required for admission. To start your application:

  • Visit
  • Select the graduate online application. If you are new to the Grand Valley admissions site, please create an account at this time.
  • Application type, select "graduate degree/coursework."
  • Next, choose "For personal development without completing a Graduate Degree nor receiving a Graduate Certificate."
  • Under interest area, select "other."
  • Choose your semester start date, and proceed with the rest of the application.
  • Contact the School of Computing and Information Systems at and inform them of your intent to enroll in the badge program.

Why Earn a Digital Badge at Grand Valley?

  • Badges document knowledge, skills, and competencies you've gained through various learning and professional development opportunities.
  • Pursuing a badge, either in continuing education or while completing a degree, can enhance your education.
  • Digital badges can be displayed on social media, websites, and in emails.
  • Completing a badge is an opportunity for you to highlight particularly marketable and desirable skills to potential employers.

Location & Format

Classes for the program are on the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

  • Face To Face


The data analytics badge is comprised of three courses (9 credits).

Required course:

  • CIS 661 - Introduction to Health and Bioinformatics

And two of the following:

  • CIS 635 - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • CIS 665 - Clinical Information Systems
  • CSI 671 - Information Visualization
  • CIS 677 - High-performance Computing
  • CIS 678 - Machine Learning

For More Information

School of Computing and Information Systems

Robert Adams, Ph.D.
C-2-100 Mackinac Hall
(616) 331-2060



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