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A Profession and A Calling

Nurses educated at Grand Valley benefit from rich field experiences, innovative community partnerships that enhance their training and a commitment to supporting students as they build and expand their nursing career. Learn more about the Kirkhof College of Nursing.


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Academic Calendar

Fall 2022

Classes End and Commencement

December 10

Examination Week

December 12 - 17

Semester Ends

December 17

Grades Due from Faculty

December 20 by 12:00 pm

Grades Available to Students

December 22

Fall 2022 Grading Calendar

Grading Period 3

November 29

Classes Ending by Saturday, November 26 (Parts of Term: A7, A9, A10, F5, I3, and J1).

November 29 by 12:00 pm

Grading Period 4

December 20

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