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Refreshments at an event.

Event Sustainability Management Minor

Meetings and events have a great impact on emissions from such travel necessities as single-use plastics, transportation, food and beverage, and hotel/venue energy expenditures. Due to the size of the meeting and event industry, it is vital that professionals have a strong understanding of and the ability to implement environmental and sustainability practices.

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Program Overview

The event sustainability management minor will prepare you to gain a wider understanding of the role sustainability principles and practices play when planning, conducting, and evaluating events. The minor is geared toward for-profit and not-for-profit event providers. An important component of this certificate is working with actual events.

The program is available to currently enrolled degree-seeking GVSU students.

Why Study Event Sustainability Management at Grand Valley?

  • Learn how to integrate scientific, economic, political, and sociocultural perspectives on topics in environmental and sustainability studies and how to apply these skills to event operations.
  • Understand the role sustainability principles and practices play when planning, conducting and evaluating events.
  • Gain basic career training and experience in performance, professionalism, and work relations via internships and fieldwork.
  • Obtain a sustainability specialty within the event and tourism industry.
  • Create stackable credentials that enhance your degree and bolster your resume.

Location & Format

Classes for the program are a combination of online and in-seat on the Allendale Campus.



The minor is comprised of a total of 21 credits:

  • ENS 201 - Introduction to Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • ENS 300 - Principles of Sustainability
  • HTM 240 - Introduction to Meeting and Event Management
  • HTM 340 - Event Sustainability
  • HTM 360 - Corporate Social Responsibility in the Tourism Industry
  • HTM 313 - Farm to Fork - Sustainability in Food Service Cuisine OR
  • HTM 190 - Field Preparation AND
  • HTM 290 - Field Experience

And one of the following:

  • SPM 376 - Sport Facility and Event Management
  • HTM 333 - Hospitality Facilities Management
  • HTM 368 - Geotourism

Career Options

This curriculum is for those who aspire to work in the events and tourism industry. You will find careers working in:

  • Meeting and event mangement
  • Catering mangement
  • Conference center management
  • Sales and service
  • Festival management
  • Special events management
  • Venue management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Hotels and resorts

For More Information

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Kristen Jack, Ph.D., CHA, CTA, Program Director
401 W. Fulton St.
286C Richard M. DeVos Center
[email protected]
(616) 331-3167

Admissions and Recruitment Office