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Criminal Justice, M.S.

GVSU criminal justice students focus on the criminal justice system (police, courts, corrections) as well as crime, its victims and responses to crime and violent behavior. Course curriculum is grounded in the traditional humanities and the social sciences, and includes a theoretical analysis of criminal behavior. Although they are schooled in the practical knowledge and skills they will need in the profession, students also receive thorough preparation in the arts and sciences.

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Innovative Curriculum Blending Theory and Practical Application

Source: EMSI, 2020

Program Overview

The Master of Science in criminal justice (M.S.) degree is designed to prepare students to become highly ethical and capable leaders, specialists, and scholars, with an advanced and practical knowledge in criminology and criminal justice to prepare them for future work in their careers, classrooms, and/or communities.

The program is designed for both those looking to work in the criminal justice field, as well as those planning to pursue a Ph.D. in the social sciences.

Why Study Criminal Justice at Grand Valley?

Program Details