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Combined Degree: Biomedical Sciences, B.S. and M.H.S.

Grand Valley State University combined degree programs offer current qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree, meeting their unique personal, academic, and career goals. Pursuing a combined degree can reduce the cost and total time required to complete both.

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Program Overview

The biomedical sciences major is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of human life sciences. The department integrates research experiences with classroom teaching, preparing students to be critical thinkers, engaged citizens, and creative, competent professionals.

Students admitted to this program may take up to 12 credits of graduate level courses towards completion of their undergraduate degree. Student apply directly to the department the fall of their junior year. M.H.S. Application requirements:

  • 75 hours of academic credit completed or in progress
  • GPA of 3.25 or greater
  • Completion of BMS 208, BMS 290 and BMS 212 with a grade of B or better
  • Grade of C+ or better in all other science courses (e.g. BIO 120, CHM 115, CHM 116, CHM 241, CHM 242, STA 215)
  • Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a potential research mentor
  • Academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  • Letter of intent

The program prepares graduates for careers in science or health-related fields, research and teaching at the community college level. Additionally, the program prepares students for post graduate studies in medical or dental school, as well as doctoral programs.

Why Pursue a Combined Degree at Grand Valley?

  • Combined bachelor's/master's programs allow high-achieving students to complete both a B.S. and M.H.S. in as little as five calendar years, saving time and tuition.
  • Graduates enjoy careers in science or health-related fields, teaching and post-graduate studies in professional and doctoral programs.
  • Innovative, collaborative research projects are conducted with faculty members based on student interest.
  • Students develop critical thinking skills and are prepared to become leaders within their chosen field.
  • Accelerate your career trajectory and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Career Insights

This tool shows an overview of potential career opportunities for this major. Actual salaries, employment opportunities, and job titles may change over time.

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this major study at Grand Valley's Allendale Campus. Classes for graduate students in this major meet downtown on the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus and the GVSU Health Campus, near the Grand Rapids Medical Mile.

  • Face To Face


The combined degree is for the research concentration only. All undergraduate university requirements, including general education courses, must be completed before the final (graduate) year of the combined B.S./M.H.S. program. In the final undergraduate year, students will take 12 to 15 credits of graduate-level courses. If any courses are dual-listed, students must complete all assignments as expected of graduate students.

Admission Requirements

Students apply directly to the department for the combined B.S./M.H.S. program during their third academic year. Visit the online catalog for more information about admission requirements for the combined bachelor of science and master of health science in biomedical sciences. 

For More Information

Department of Biomedical Sciences
212 Henry Hall
(616) 331-3318

Program Director

Christopher Pearl, Ph.D.
(616) 331-3318