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Workplace Technology and Communication undergraduate badge

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A badge is a digital record of achievement that recognizes completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. You can link your digital badges to online résumés and portfolios, career websites, or social media. This gives you a way to share experiences, competencies, or knowledge with current and future employers, professional and community organizations, recruiters, and graduate programs.

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Program Overview

This badge in Workplace Technology and Communication gives you much-needed workplace communication skills, such as designing effective business documents, recognizing ethical business communication issues, using statistical analysis tools for effective decision making, and creating effective data displays and visualization.


Admission to complete a digital badge is open to degree- and nondegree-seeking students.

To get started, speak with the appropriate badge coordinator to ensure criteria are being met. Once you are done with the requirements, you may apply to the badge coordinator, who will verify completion and issue a badge.

Why Earn This Badge at Grand Valley?

You will demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Compose business communications appropriate to specific audiences, purposes, and contexts.
  • Design effective business documents using commonly available office software.
  • Communicate effectively in emails, written reports, and oral presentations.
  • Recognize ethical issues related to business communication.
  • Build and utilize Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Use statistical analysis tools for effective decision making.
  • Design data models using local decision-making functions.
  • Build sets by importing, cleansing, and organizing raw data.
  • Create effective data displays and visuals, using commonly available office software.

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this major study at Grand Valley's Allendale Campus.

  • Face To Face


The digital badge is comprised of two (three credit) courses, a total of six credits:

  • CSI 231 - Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets*
  • WRT 350 - Business Communication**

*Prerequisite MTH 110, 115, 122, or 201

**Prerequisite of WRT 150

For More Information

Department of Writing

Christopher Toth, Department Chair
326 Lake Ontario Hall
(616) 331-3367

Admissions Office