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Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning Undergraduate Certificate

Offered through Geography and Sustainable Planning, with this certificate students learn the best practices, strategies and techniques required for urban and regional development, smart and green infrastructure, and integration of social, environmental, and economic priorities in planning. Anyone admitted to GVSU as a degree-seeking student may complete this certificate.

Visit the program website for more information.

Why Study Planning at Grand Valley?

The certificate gives students additional expertise and opportunities for applying geographic understandings and skills in the wider community. Our students:

  • Gain an understanding of planning terms and concepts, which equips them to enter conversations about local planning and zoning, and qualifies them for internships and jobs.
  • Build a strong foundation in the history and theory of planning and a depth of understanding that informs their analyses of local issues.
  • Participate in regional and state planning conferences and are exposed to frequent guest speakers, giving them contact with real-world practitioners in the field of planning.
  • Are in contact with a broad community of alumni in planning related fields people our undergraduates come to know on a first name basis offering our graduates a ready-made network for job-hunting and advice.


For new students, visit the Admissions website for undergraduate requirements. Upon acceptance and for current students:

  • Declare your certificate via myBanner (Login to Banner Self-Service, click on Student, Student Records, Add a Certificate or Badge to your Program, Select the appropriate certificate from the drop down list, and click Submit)
  • Speak with the appropriate certificate coordinator to ensure criteria are being met (you will be able to track your progress toward the certificate in myPath as well!)
  • Once you are done with the requirements, apply to receive the certificate via myBanner.
  • Once the completion of your certificate has been verified, the certificate will be posted to your student record and will be viewable on your transcript. 

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this program study at Grand Valley's Allendale Campus.

  • Face To Face


Required: GPY/PA 209 - Intro to Urban and Regional Planning. Choose three more electives courses for a total of 12 credit hours:

  • GPY 101 Sustainability and Place
  • GPY 111 Cities, Towns and Villages
  • GPY/PA/ENS 312 Urban & Regional Env. Planning
  • GPY/PA 316 Intro to Transportation
  • GPY/PA 324 Urbanization
  • GPY/MKT/PA 365 GIS for Econ & Business Decision Making
  • GPY 381/PA 380 Study Abroad - Summer II/Netherlands
  • GPY/ECO/PA 385 GIS in Urban & Regional Analysis
  • GPY/ENS/PA 410 Landscape Analysis
  • GPY 414 Land Use Planning
  • GPY 496 Field Research Project

Career Options

Concepts and skills in urban planning are applicable to a variety of specialties that include:

  • Urban planning
  • Regional planning
  • Green infrastructure
  • Sustainability planning
  • Environmental planning
  • Smart infrastructure

For More Information

Department of Geography and Planning
B-4-105 Mackinac Hall
(616) 331-3065
[email protected]

Admissions and Recruitment Office