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Photo of GVSU Biochemistry student working in a lab with a faculty member assisting. Photo taken pre-COVID.

Biochemistry, B.S.

Biochemistry is an exciting field involving pharmaceuticals, human and animal health, and the study of our diverse biological world.

National Job Growth

Biochemistry opportunities are projected to grow 8% in the U.S. by 2025.

Paid Internship Opportunities

Biochemistry majors gain real-world experience through paid internship opportunities.

Research Opportunities

Faculty-mentored research opportunities allow students to gain hands-on experience while making a real-world impact.

Source: EMSI, 2021

Program Overview

The chemistry department goal is to provide rigorous preparation for students whose career paths require expertise in biochemistry. Additionally, faculty members strive to contribute to a chemically literate society through teaching (with classrooms, labs, and research), scholarship, and service.

Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry, a chemistry minor, and a certificate in green chemistry.

Programs are certified by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

Why Study Biochemistry at Grand Valley?

Program Details