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Prelaw Studies

Grand Valley's approach to prelaw encourages students to pursue majors that will complement their law degree while providing the diverse intellectual foundation necessary for success in the field of law.

Visit the program website for more information.

Program Overview

Grand Valley has formal prelaw advising available to all students by professors Mark J. Richards, Kristine Mullendore, and John Uglietta, who advise students on courses and majors, the law school application process, the LSAT, and legal careers.

For a detailed prelaw FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and contact information for the advisors, please visit

Why Study Prelaw at Grand Valley?

Grand Valley has unique programs that give its prelaw students significant advantages:

  • Business, legal studies, and political science majors have the opportunity to participate in the Legal Education Admissions Program (LEAP), which enables students to earn a bachelor's degree from Grand Valley and a Juris Doctor from Michigan State University College of Law in about six years, saving a year of time and money.
  • Grand Valley's Law Society student organization allows students to network and learn about law school admissions.

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this major study at the Grand Valley Allendale Campus.

  • Face To Face


Students should pursue courses to enhance writing and analytic skills, and also take several classes related to law, as listed in the FAQ.

Career Options

Prelaw students who complete a bachelor's degree and graduate from an accredited law school with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) become attorneys.

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Combined Degree Programs

This undergraduate degree can be combined with a master's degree to save you time and money, and get you into the workforce sooner. On average, students save $8,500 in our combined degree programs and take up to four fewer classes than if earning the degrees separately.

You can even build your own combined degree from programs in different disciplines to further personalize your education and meet specific career goals.

Admission Requirements

Visit the Admissions website for undergraduate requirements.

For More Information

Prelaw Studies

Kristine Botsford Mullendore, J.D.
271C Richard M DeVos Center, (616) 331-7147

Mark Richards, Ph.D.
1106 Au Sable Hall, (616) 331-3457

John Uglietta, J.D., Ph.D.
B-3 209 Mackinac Hall, (616) 331-2846

Admissions Office


"Small class sizes and a strong liberal arts curriculum make Grand Valley a great choice for a prelaw student. Taking writing-heavy and analytically-focused classes promotes skill development through in-depth constructive feedback and close attention from professors. Grand Valley's numerous opportunities to get involved and develop leadership on campus, engage in undergraduate research, and be meaningfully involved in the surrounding community are all things that help a student set him or herself apart in the law school admissions process beyond the numerical factors."