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Digital Studies Minor

The widespread influence of digital media in almost every aspect of contemporary life requires new literacy skills for understanding and using digital technologies. Regardless of their specialized major program, students will work and evolve in environments that increasingly rely on digital tools and platforms to create and share information.
To address this need, the Digital Studies minor provides ways for students from all disciplines to explore the role of digital tools and to become productive and ethical digital citizens.

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Why Minor in Digital Studies at Grand Valley?

The minor offers:

  • An innovative and flexible curriculum that works as a great addition to any specialized major program.
  • Courses that encourage theoretical work and hands-on experiences.
  • Ways to gain a firm understanding of digital culture and digital citizenship.
  • Opportunities to develop practical skills for using the technologies of the digitalized world.
  • Ways to prepare students for jobs requiring a wide range of digital skills and media knowledge.

Career Insights

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Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this program study at Grand Valley's Allendale Campus.

  • Face To Face


Students must earn 21 credits to complete the minor. Focused on theory and practice, the Digital Studies curriculum helps students gain experience using digital tools and develop a complex understanding of digital cultures. The curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Multimedia production
  • Social media
  • Digital identity and representation
  • Ethics and digital culture
  • Design and data visualization
  • Data literacy

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Digital Studies
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