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Event Sustainability Undergraduate Badge

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A digital badge, or badge, is a record of achievement that recognizes a student's completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. GVSU offers both credit and non-credit bearing badges as digital credentials. Credit-bearing badges include anywhere from 0.5 to 15 academic credits and may include additional noncredit criteria. Credit-bearing badges are also posted to the academic transcript.

Visit the program website for more information.

Program Overview

The event sustainability badge will prepare you to gain a wider understanding of the role sustainability principles and practices play when planning, conducting, and evaluating events. This certificate is geared toward for-profit and not-for-profit event providers.

The badge is open and available to degree and nondegree-seeking students.

Why Study Event Sustainability at Grand Valley?

  • Learn how to integrate scientific, economic, political, and sociocultural perspectives on topics in environmental and sustainability studies and how to apply these skills to event operations.
  • Obtain a sustainability specialty within the meeting and event industry.
  • Create stackable credentials that enhance your degree and bolster your resume.
  • The badge program can be completed online in a year or less.


Admissions to complete a digital badge is open to both degree and nondegree seeking students. If you are not currently a Grand Valley student, start your application here.   

For current GVSU students:

  • Declare your badge via myBanner. Login to Banner Self-Service, click on Student, Student Records, Add a Certificate or Badge to your Program, Select the appropriate badge from the drop down list, and click Submit.
  • Speak with the appropriate badge coordinator to ensure criteria are being met. You will be able to track your progress toward the badge in myPath as well!
  • Once you are done with the requirements, apply to receive the badge via myBanner.
  • Once the completion of your badge has been verified, the badge will be posted to your student record and will be viewable on your transcript. In addition, your digital badge will be posted on

Location & Format

This program may be completed online.



The certificate is a total of nine credits:

  • ENS 201 - Introduction to Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • HTM 240 - Introduction to Meeting and Event Management
  • HTM 340 - Event Sustainability

This badge may be completed online.

Students may pursue additional coursework in this field to earn a certificate (15 credits) or a minor (21 credits).

For More Information

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Kristen Jack, Ph.D., CHA, CTA, Program Director
401 W. Fulton St.
286C Richard M. DeVos Center
[email protected]
(616) 331-3167

Admissions and Recruitment Office