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Image of Biomedical Science undergraduate student in a GVSU lab. Photo taken pre-COVID.

Biomedical Sciences, B.S.

The biomedical sciences (BMS) major is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the life sciences with a focus on the human body. BMS is a gateway to many exciting and meaningful professional career paths.

National Job Growth by 2024
Real-World Research and Laboratory Experience in State-Of-The-Art Facilities
Job Growth in Michigan by 2024

Source: EMSI, 2020

Program Overview

Faculty in the Biomedical Sciences department have expertise in the general areas of microbiology, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. From this expertise, they are able to offer excellent instruction at the introductory and advanced level, as well as the opportunity for students to be involved in a wide variety of research projects to gain laboratory experience and technical skills. Areas of research include bacterial genetics, cardiovascular disease, epidemiology, human anatomy, immunology, neuroscience, parasitology, stem cell biology, and toxicology to name a few.

Why Study Biomedical Sciences at Grand Valley?

Program Details