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Turtle research.

Preveterinary Medicine

A career in veterinary medicine gives students the opportunity to model the best in themselves through their compassionate attention to animals' health, welfare, and conservation. Never before has animal life been of greater interest to our increasingly urbanized society or of greater importance to our agricultural production of food. And, never before has our obligation to care for animals been higher.

Program Overview

Although not a requirement for veterinary school admissions, students pursuing veterinary medicine can major in biology with a preveterinary emphasis and receive the advising they need to be well-prepared for veterinary schools around the world.

Early consultation with preveterinary advisors in the Biology department and CLAS Academic Advising Center is strongly encouraged. It is also important for students to determine program specific requirements for the veterinary schools where they will apply.

Why Study Preveterinary Medicine at Grand Valley?

Visit the program website for more information.

Program Details