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Cannabis Operations Management Minor

The cannabis operations management minor is an interdisciplinary program, with an experiential learning component, that focuses on social justice and safety issues related to cannabis use, the cannabis industry, and the role of community development and organization.

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Program Overview

The cannabis operations management minor will prepare students to work in the retail cannabis industry and ancillary fields. Those interested in nonprofit and/or governmental intersections with cannabis operations, and efforts at achieving social equity, will gain a wider, holistic understanding of this developing industry and hospitality infusions.

This minor is available to currently enrolled undergraduate students and is available online or in person.

Why Study Cannabis Operations Management at Grand Valley?

  • Prepare for employment in the lucrative retail cannabis industry, which is on track to employ more than a half million workers by 2024.
  • Develop ethical and appropriate best business practices.
  • Learn from a curriculum reflecting modern industry concepts and holistic insight to take your career to the next level.
  • Learn about cultivation, usage, community health, restorative justice, and social equity programs.
  • Experiential learning opportunities facilitated through field experience.
  • Taught by experienced faculty members with both academic and professional experience.
  • Create stackable credentials that enhance your degree and bolster your resume.

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this program study at Grand Valley's Allendale Campus or online.



The minor is comprised of 20 credits. Required courses:

  • HTM 117 - Retail Customer Service
  • HTM 217 - Cannabis and Culture
  • HTM 242 - Cannabis Regulations and Tourism
  • HTM 317 - Responsible Cannabis Retail Operations
  • HTM 390 or HTM 490 - HTM Field Experience II or III

One from the following:

  • CJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • PNH 209 - Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
  • SOC 252 - Sociology of Drug Use and Abuse
  • SW 150 - Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

And one from the following:

  • CJ 315 - Principles of Security
  • CJ 492 - Social Justice Issues in the American Criminal Justice System
  • HTM 361 - Hospitality Law and Legislation
  • PNH 220 - Organizing to Make a Difference

Career Options

Cannabis operations management minors can apply their education to careers in:

  • Dispensary management
  • Law and policy making
  • Supply chain and security providers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Health care and wellness
  • Agriculture and cultivation
  • Hospitality infusions and retail sales

For More Information

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Kristen Jack, Ph.D., CHA, CTA, Program Director
401 W. Fulton St.
286C Richard M. DeVos Center
[email protected]
(616) 331-3167

Admissions and Recruitment Office