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Photo of GVSU Biomedical Engineering student at her co-op internship.

Biomedical Engineering, B.S.E.

Biomedical engineers integrate engineering technology, biomedical science, mathematics, and creative problem-solving skills to improve health and quality of human life. They are innovators who design novel medical devices and build synthetic replacement components for the human body. Biomedical engineers develop life-saving technologies like artificial organs, surgical robots, and advanced prosthetics.

National Job Growth

Biomedical engineering opportunities are projected to grow 6% in the U.S. by 2024.

West Michigan Job Growth

Biomedical engineering opportunities are projected to grow 8% in West Michigan by 2024.

Alums Employed in Their Field

75% of GVSU Engineering alumni are employed in their field.

Source: EMSI, 2021

Program Overview

Grand Valley's Biomedical Engineering (B.S.E.) program prepares students for engineering careers and leadership roles. It integrates academic studies with hands-on learning and paid professional experiences in actual engineering companies. Grand Valley also offers a graduate program in engineering for those who want to expand their knowledge and skills.

Why Study Biomedical Engineering at Grand Valley?

Program Details