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Applied Linguistics Minor

Applied Linguistics (AL) is an interdisciplinary field that investigates and offers solutions to language-related problems in the world. The AL minor has 2 tracks: General and English as Second Language (ESL).

General AL Minor Coursework

Students earn the minor by completing 21 credits, including three required AL courses in English (nine credits):

Three elective AL courses in English (nine credits), chosen from:

One course (three credits), chosen from a list of cross-departmental electives, available at:'>">

ESL Track

The ESL track of the AL minor is designed for students planning to teach in K-12 contexts in the U.S. This includes all elementary, CSAT, and secondary education majors in College of Education. The curriculum meets Michigan Department of Education standards for a teachable minor for initial elementary or secondary certification, and leads to ESL endorsement, an add-on credential to a Michigan teaching license.

ESL Minor Coursework

Students earn the ESL minor by completing 23 credits, including six AL courses in English (18 credits):

An ESL teaching practicum* in COE (five credits):

*EDR 470 and 471 are offered during an extended (20-week) winter semester, and must be taken concurrently with students' major subject area student teaching practicum (EDI 430 or 431).

Program Details