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Applied Linguistics Minor

Applied Linguistics (AL) is an interdisciplinary field that investigates and offers solutions to language-related problems in the world. The AL minor has 2 tracks: General and English as Second Language (ESL).

General Track

The general track of the AL minor is designed for students interested in pursuing systematic study of language and applied issues in the acquisition, teaching, and use of language, including the teaching of English as second or foreign language. Students with this minor are well prepared to teach English internationally, and to work in such settings as adult literacy, refugee services, publishing, and nonprofit organizations.

General AL Minor Coursework

Students earn the minor by completing 21 credits, including three required AL courses in English (nine credits):

Three elective AL courses in English (nine credits), chosen from:

One course (three credits), chosen from a list of cross-departmental electives, available at:

ESL Track

The ESL track of the AL minor is designed for students planning to teach in K-12 contexts in the U.S. This includes all elementary, CSAT, and secondary education majors in College of Education. The curriculum meets Michigan Department of Education standards for a teachable minor for initial elementary or secondary certification, and leads to ESL endorsement, an add-on credential to a Michigan teaching license.

ESL Minor Coursework

Students earn the ESL minor by completing 23 credits, including six AL courses in English (18 credits):

An ESL teaching practicum* in COE (five credits):

*EDR 470 and 471 are offered during an extended (20-week) winter semester, and must be taken concurrently with students' major subject area student teaching practicum (EDI 430 or 431).

Program Details