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LAKERS TOGETHER: COVID vaccine required by September 30. Face coverings required indoors. 

Combined Degree: Health Communications B.A., B.S., and Communication, M.S.

Grand Valley State University combined degree programs offer students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree, meeting their unique personal, academic, and career goals. Pursuing a combined degree can reduce the cost and total time required to complete both.

Program Overview

The combined degree curriculum is a versatile program that meets the needs of those in the field of communication, stressing skills such as the analysis of written and visual communication, designing clear and informative messages, building persuasive appeals, and critically analyzing the persuasive appeals of others.

Interested students should contact the program during the fall semester of their junior year. Application requirements:

Applicants are required to submit:

Application deadline is April 1. Student must meet with the program director to verify the course schedule for senior year.

Why Pursue Combined Degrees at Grand Valley?

Program Details