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“Staying in Place” order will be in effect for GVSU students living in Allendale Township from September 17 through October 1. Complete your daily online self-assessment.

French-German-Spanish, BA - Secondary Education Emphasis

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome U Foreign language pedagogy

Secondary Education students will have competence in foreign language pedagogy.
Objective 10 Students will demonstrate competence in Standards-based assessment practices.

Measure 1

2019 Status
Not Yet Achieved
All students scored at Developing in all four components of the rubric.

Objective 8 Students will demonstrate competence in Standards-based foreign language instruction.

Measure 1

2017 Status
Candidates have met the Threshold and are progressing well toward the Target of 100% Proficiency in both Comprehensible Input and Comprehension. Results are consistent across all 3 languages. The findings indicate that candidates are developing competence in this very important aspect of language teaching well before they begin Teacher Assisting or Student Teaching.

Measure 2

2018 Status
Target has been met for this Sub-Area of the MTTC.

2016 Status
In all three secondary education programs (French, German, Spanish), we had a total of 14 candidates take the MTTC. The overall pass rate in the Language Acquisition, Instruction, & Assessment sub-area was 100% for tests taken 2015-2017. The Target has been met.