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Office of Student Life & Event Services - Greek Life

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome H FSL Online Modules

As a result of completing the 4 modules (Drugs and Alcohol, Mental health, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault Prevention) our Fraternity/Sorority members will have an increased education on risk management prevention for a healthier experience.
Objective 1 By Fall 2018 GVSU 360 (evolution labs app) will be introduced to the Fraternity/Sorority Life community. 4 areas of focus (Drugs and Alcohol, Mental health, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault Prevention) will be selected to introduce education for community in first year.

Measure 1

2021 Status
Fraternity and Sorority Life implemented use of Prevent Zone modules: Hazing Prevention 101 during Fall 2021. 771 or 85% of students completed these modules.

2019 Status
Not Yet Achieved
GVSU 360 modules / app were not pursued in 2019 as a result of campus conversations about the online modules, Fraternity and Sorority Life Taskforce and lack of FT staff position for FSL. The Office of Student Life is seeking to fill this FT position early in 2020 and to integrate feedback from campus community in to educational plan for FSL, moving forward.

Measure 2

2021 Status
Modules require forced mastery.