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Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome B Opportunities for dissemination

Provide on campus opportunities for students to disseminate research and creative work.
Objective 3 Increase the discipline diversity of Student Scholars Day.

Measure 1

2017 Status
Not Yet Achieved
Benchmark taken in AY 2017-2018. Using the benchmark to develop actionable items to increase humanities and creative arts participation.

Objective 4 Develop a baseline for assessing the quality of the student learning experience in Academic Conference Fund.

Measure 1

2017 Status
Now that we have a benchmark, will look to see if we can deepen the experience, or if the nature of the experience precludes us from doing so.

Outcome C Increased skill and competency of student scholars

Increase the skill and knowledge of student engaged in the summer research programs.
Objective 5 Increase the confidence level of student scholars when participating in research and creative work.
Objective 6 Increase the scholars' confidence in presentation and dissemination as a result of summer program.