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Music, BM - Instrumental Emphasis

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome AG Performance Literature

BM Instrumental emphasis students will demonstrate an understanding of solo musical literature representing the style periods typically associated with the students' applied area of musical study.
Objective 50 Students will be able to prepare repertoire lists representing various levels of difficulty in their applied area of music performance.
Objective 51 Students will be able to evaluate repertoire in their applied area of music performance.

Outcome Q Performing skills

Students will demonstrate their skills as successful solo and ensemble performers.
Objective 5 Students will be able to perform a recital to be evaluated by a pre-recital hearing committee.

Measure 1

2018 Status
100% of BM students who played a pre-recital hearing for MUS 345 or 445, passed the hearing successfully and completed their recitals.