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Medical Laboratory Science, BS

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome MLS-A Entry Level Competencies

Demonstrate Entry Level Competencies in all Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) disciplines.
Objective 1 Students will demonstrate entry level knowledge and skills related to all laboratory disciplines.

Outcome MLS-B Written Communication

Students will demonstrate writing skills essential to the learning and conveying of knowledge in the field of medical laboratory science.
Objective 1 Students will evaluate, write and present research at a professional meeting or equivalent.

Outcome MLS-C Ethical Reasoning

Students will recognize ethical issues when presented in a complex situation.
Objective 1 Students will conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner in a healthcare setting.

Outcome MLS-E Collaboration

MLS students will work together and share the workload equitably to progress toward shared objectives learned through structured activities that occur over a significant period of time.
Objective 1 Student will collaboratively prepare, present and evaluate projects.

Outcome MLS-F Cognitive Competency

Medical Laboratory Science students will successfully pass the national certification exam.
Objective 1 MLS students will show competence in their field of study by passing the national certification exam.

Measure 1

2019 Status
100% of MLS students passed the national BOC exam on the first attempt.

2018 Status
Initially 90% of MLS students passed the national BOC exam on the first attempt. Two students retook the exam and passed on the second attempt. Therefore, 100% of GVSU MLS students passed the BOC National Certification Exam in 2018.

Outcome MLS-G Integration

Students who graduate from the MLS program will apply knowledge from experiences and multiple disciplines to new, complex situation.

Objective 1 Students will demonstrate accurate microscopy skills using multiple methods of analysis.