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Career Center

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome A Occupational Health & Well-Being

Students who engage with the Career Center will develop knowledge, skills, and values related to their occupational health and well-being.
Objective 1 Students who seek career advising related to career questions will be able to integrate career exploration strategies (i.e., informational interviews, job shadows, etc.) into their career planning action steps.

Measure 1

2020 Status
From Jan - July, 2020, 93.9% of students who had career questions advising appointments indicated they agreed or strongly agreed that 1) they were more aware of available resources to help them identify their interests, values, skills and abilities, and how these relate to my major and career choices; and 2) they had a greater awareness of career exploration strategies and how to integrate these into their career plan. This same percentage of students (93.9%) were able to demonstrate this knowledge by listing appropriate next action steps they would take in a post-appointment survey.

Objective 2 Students who participate in the World of Work (WOW) Exploration Program will be able to articulate the characteristics (i.e. key functions, company culture, professional etiquette, etc.) of a preferred work environment.

Measure 1

2020 Status
Not Yet Achieved
The campus closure and social distancing guidelines put in place due to the COVID-19 global pandemic forced us to cancel the WOW event. As such, we were unable to assess learning outcomes for this activity.