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English, BA - Secondary English Emphasis

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome I Develop theoretical awareness teaching literature and composition (BA-Secondary)

Graduates with an English Major and a Secondary Education emphasis will develop an awareness of theoretical perspectives in the teaching of literature and composition and an ability to translate theories into lesson plans.
Objective 1 Elementary English Language Arts (ELA) teacher candidates will demonstrate proficiency in designing instruction that takes into account and draws upon the funds of knowledge of diverse learners (e.g. students of color, English language learners, etc.)

Outcome J Self-Assessment of Skills (BA-Secondary)

Graduates with an English major and a Secondary Education emphasis will practice self-assessment of their skills while teaching English/Language Arts in the field during their first-semester placement.
Objective 1 Secondary English teacher candidates in their first field experience (EDI 331) will demonstrate proficiency in their critical reflections on their own instructional practices in a single teaching episode, including pretest design, implementation and analysis; instructional design and implementation; and post-test design, implementation, and analysis.