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Special Education, BA/BS

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome Research: Research Policy and Advocacy

Educators understand, evaluate, and critique how research may or may not inform and improve educational practices
Objective 18 The candidate uses meaningful research on educational issues and policies

Outcome Social: Relationship between School and Society

Educators examine, analyze, understand and explain the multiple interconnections between school and society
Objective 19 The candidate understands schools as organizations within a historical, cultural, political, and social context.

Outcome UGSE-A Assessment (CEC Standard 4)

Beginning special education professionals use multiple methods of assessment and data-sources in making educational decisions.
Objective 1 Standard 4.1: Beginning special education professionals select and use technically sound formal and informal assessments that minimize bias
Objective 2 Standard 4.2 Beginning special education professionals use knowledge of measurement principles and practices to interpret assessment results and guide educational decisions for individuals with exceptionalities.
Objective 3 Standard 4.3 Beginning special education professionals in collaboration with colleagues and families use multiple types of assessment information in making decisions about individuals with exceptionalities.
Objective 4 Standard 4.4 Beginning special education professionals engage individuals with exceptionalities to work toward quality learning and performance and provide feedback to guide them.

Outcome UGSE-B Instructional Planning & Strategies

(CEC Standard 5): Beginning special education professionals select, adapt and use a repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies to advance the learning of individuals with exceptionalities.
Objective 1 Standard 5.1 Beginning special education professionals consider an individual’s abilities, interests, learning environments, and cultural and linguistic factors in the selection, development, and adaptation of learning experiences for individuals with exceptionalities.
Objective 2 Standard 5.2 Beginning special education professionals use technologies to support instructional assessment, planning, and delivery for individuals with exceptionalities.
Objective 3 Standard 5.6 Beginning special education professionals teach to mastery and promote generalization of learning
Objective 4 Standard 5.7 Beginning special education professionals teach cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills such as critical thinking and problem solving to individuals with exceptionalities