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Geography, BA/BS (Core Learning Outcomes)

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome D Information Literacy (undergraduate)

Identify, access, evaluate, and synthesize multiple forms of information.
Students will:
• Articulate the specific information needed.
• Access information using appropriate search tools.
• Evaluate the quality, usefulness, and relevance of the information.
• Ethically communicate synthesized information.
Objective 10 Students will be able to evaluate the quality, usefulness, and relevance of geographic information, acquired from various scholarly and non-scholarly sources.

Outcome E Integration (undergraduate)

Synthesize and apply knowledge, experiences, and multiple perspectives to new, complex situations.
Students will:
• Connect academic theories with personal experiences to illuminate both.
• Draw conclusions connecting examples, facts, and/or theories from more than one field of study.
• Generalize skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies for solving problems in new contexts.
Objective 11 Students will demonstrate ability to create a poster or an illustrated oral presentation based on synthesis and analysis of spatial data from several disciplines.

Outcome G Problem Solving (undergraduate)

Design and evaluate strategies to answer open-ended questions.
Students will:
• Construct clear and insightful problem statements that prioritize relevant contextual factors.
• Identify multiple approaches for solving the problem within the given context.
• Design and fully explain solutions that demonstrate comprehension of the problem.
• Evaluate the feasibility of solutions considering the context and impact of potential solutions (e.g., historical, ethical, legal, practical).
Objective 12 Students will be able to write project proposals that demonstrate potential solutions for complex social, environmental or economic development problem.