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Communication Studies, BA/BS

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome COM/UG-A Understanding Theory

Students will display knowledge of theory and its relationship to practice.
Objective 1 Describe primary elements of theories so to distinguish them.
Objective 2 Describe how how situated communication practices relate to theories about those practices.

Outcome COM/UG-B Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate critical thinking as they examine communication artifacts, situations, problems, or issues using relevant communication concepts, theories and perspectives.
Objective 1 Clearly describe a communication artifact, situation, problem, or issue using relevant concepts, theories or perspectives of communication.

Measure 1

2018 Status
Not Yet Achieved
Created rubric for objective

Outcome COM/UG-D Modes of Communication

Students will display an understanding of the key differences between modes of communication (verbal, nonverbal, textual, visual images, electronic) and their implications.
Objective 1 Identify key features associated with different modes of communication.
Objective 2 Understand and explain potential consequences for undertaking communication via different modes.

Outcome COM/UG-E Tolerate Ambiguity

Students will display an awareness of and appreciation of different communicative perspectives regarding the same communicative phenomenon, situation or outcome.
Objective 1 Demonstrate understanding that competing definitions or perspectives on the same issue is part of collective inquiry.

Measure 1

2017 Status
Not Yet Achieved
Survey instrument for self-reports of understanding of the role(s) of contrasting perspectives on communication is currently in development.

Objective 2 Demonstrate how a variety of perspectives contribute to critical examination of a communicative phenomenon, situation or outcome.

Outcome COM/UG-F Ethical Perspectives

Students will display an understanding of the role of ethics in situated communication.
Objective 1 Describe multiple ethical perspectives relevant to communication.

Measure 1

2017 Status
Not Yet Achieved
We will be re-evaluating the rubric used for this measure and collecting new data, since the data previously collected was lost in a house fire.

Objective 2 Demonstrate application of ethical perspectives to a relevant communication situation.
Objective 3 Evaluate and effectively communicate their individual commitments and values.