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Laker Academic Success Center

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome LASC1 Graduate our student athletes

Graduate our student athletes at a higher rate than non-student athletes at Grand Valley State University
Objective 1 Freshman student-athletes will attend life skills presentation series. A commitment to personal Development ensures that each student-athlete participating will be provided with opportunities to focus on personal growth issues such as clarifying values, setting goals, and learning fiscal responsibility. Each component will be focused toward developing a healthy lifestyle.

Measure 1

2016 Status
Not Yet Achieved
We had 15 student athletes in attendance at our first event

Outcome LASC2 Semester GPA

50% of student athletes with a 3.0 GPA or higher fall and winter semester
Objective 2 Launch electronic progress reports

Outcome LASC3 A Commitment to Career Development

LAKER ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTER places a priority on preparing student-athletes for life after intercollegiate sports. The program acquaints student-athletes with the job search process, provides networking opportunities, and ultimately assists with job placement. We work towards the development of the total person, the ultimate goal is to develop individuals who will have rewarding careers and productive lives.
Objective 3 A Commitment to Career Development