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Nonprofit Leadership (Graduate Certificate)

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome GC 1 Nonprofit Financial Stability

Students will gain experience and establish proficiency in understanding the ways in which nonprofit organizations secure their long-term sustainability through effective financial management and fund development practices.
Objective 20 To prepare students to ensure the financial sustainability of their nonprofit organizations


2018 Status
Every student who was enrolled in the course after the first week of classes successfully completed the final exam with a score of 83 or higher.

Outcome GC 2 Effective Management and Leadership

Students will develop a solid understanding of the ways in which effective management practices and leadership make a significant impact on the success of nonprofit organizations
Objective 19 To prepare students to effectively lead and manage nonprofit organizations

Measure 1

2018 Status
Not Yet Achieved
In Winter 2018, all but 2 students successfully completed this project with a passing grade.

Outcome GC 3 Nonprofit Advocacy

Students will gain perspective and experience understanding the important role that nonprofit organizations play in effecting social change and advancing policy discussions in the United States
Objective 21 To provide students with an understanding of the important role that nonprofits play in public policymaking.

Measure 1

2018 Status
All Students enrolled in the Winter 2018 session of this course successfully completed this assignment