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Sustainable Food Systems (Undergraduate Certificate)

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome SFS-B Social and Cultural Perspectives

Certificate holders synthesize social and cultural perspectives with scientific findings to understand food needs of different communities.
Objective 1 Objective B.1: Students will explain the factors that define community food needs.

Outcome SFS-C Evaluating Effective Practices

Certificate holders distinguish between effective and ineffective techniques and adapt them to fit different situational contexts to support local food production, distribution, and environmental stewardship for the next generation.
Objective 1 Objective C.1: Students will analyze varying food advocacy efforts (production, distribution, environmental stewardship, and others) to distinguish between effective and ineffective techniques.
Objective 2 Objective C.2. Students will adapt food safety best practices in food production, manufacturing and preparation to different situational contexts, such as: agriculture, food recovery projects, and commercial and/or charitable food distribution sites.