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Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome C Collaboration (undergraduate)

Effectively work on a team.

The General Education objectives associated with this Outcome are listed below. You can use these objectives as is or modify them in the next step in GVAssess.

Students will:
● Help the team move forward by articulating the merits of alternative ideas or proposals.
● Engage team members in ways that facilitate their contributions to meetings by both constructively building upon or synthesizing the contributions of others as well as noticing when someone is not participating and inviting them to engage.
● Complete all assigned tasks by the deadline; work accomplished is thorough, comprehensive, and advances the project; proactively helps other team members complete their assigned tasks.
● Actively promote a constructive team climate.
Objective 1 Five Student Organizations will create liaison positions and at the end of the year those students will say they are more confident about bridging gaps