Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs

Grand Valley offers a variety Master and Doctoral degree programs and within those programs are numerous Combined Bachelor/Master degree programs. Combined Bachelor/Master degree programs allow students to complete both degrees sooner by allowing graduate credits to count towards undergraduate graduation.

Please note: Grand Valley State University does not charge out-of-state or international tuition rates. Tuition is based on the program in which you chose to enroll. Visit the Office of Financial Aid for tuition and fees.

Need assistance with the application process or more information on your program of interest?  Listen to our tutorial podcasts for program overview, admission requirements and more!



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Accounting (M.S.A.) 

Koleta Moore, MPA
(616) 331-7400

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Applied Linguistics (M.A.)

Shinian Wu, Ph.D.
(616) 331-3690

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Athletic Training (M.A.T.)

Shari Bartz-Smith, Ph.D.
(616) 331-3044

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Audiology (Au.D.)

Dan Halling, Ph.D., CCC-A
(616) 331-5604

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Biology (M.S.)

Eric Snyder, Ph.D.
(616) 331-2417

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Biomedical Sciences (M.H.S.)

Christopher Pearl, Ph.D.
(616) 331-3318

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Biostatistics (M.S., PSM)

Robert Downer, Ph.D.
(616) 331-3355

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Business (M.B.A.)

Koleta Moore, MPA 
(616) 331-7400

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Cell and Molecular Biology (M.S., PSM)

Mark Staves, Ph.D. 
(616) 331-2473

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Clinical Dietetics (M.S.)

Jody Vogelzang, Ph.D., RDN 
(616) 331-5059

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Communications (M.S.)

Alex Nesterenko, Ph.D. 
(616) 331-3668

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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

Robert Adams, Ph.D.
(616) 331-2313

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Criminal Justice (M.S.)

Tonisha Jones, Ph.D.
(616) 331-7187

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Cybersecurity (M.S.)

Andrew Kalafut, Ph.D.
(616) 331-2309

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Data Science and Analytics (M.S.)

Jerry Scripps, Ph.D. 
(616) 331-2311

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Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Leadership

Rick Vandermolen, Ed.D.
(616) 331-6250

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Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Leadership
Special Education Leadership

Cindi Smith, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6604

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Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Technology

Andrew Topper, Ph.D.
(616) 331-7273

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Education (M.Ed.) - Higher Education

Karyn Rabourn, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6591

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Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum 
Early Childhood Education

Kathryn Ohle, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6662

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Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum 
Educational Differentiation

Kelly Margot, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6247

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Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum 
Elementary Education

Ellen Schiller, Ph.D.
(616) 331-7126

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Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum 
Secondary Education

Douglas Busman, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6831

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Education (M.Ed.) - Literacy Studies 
Reading and Language Arts

Elizabeth Stolle, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6242

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Education (M.Ed.) - Literacy Studies 
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Rui Niu-Cooper, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6669

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Education (M.Ed.) - School Counseling

Judy Stearns Williams, MS
(616) 331-6648

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Education (M.Ed.) - Special Education

Paula Lancaster, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6593

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Education Specialist in Leadership (Ed.S.)

Amy Dunn, M.Ed.
(616) 331-6676

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Engineering (M.S.E)

Shabbir Choudhuri, Ph.D. 
(616) 331-6845

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English (M.A.)

Sherry Johnson, Ph.D.
(616) 331-3400

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Health Administration (M.H.A.)

Raymond Higbea, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6575

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Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (M.S., PSM)

Anirudh Chowdhary, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6297

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Medical Dosimetry (M.S.)

Kristen Vu, M.S., CMD, RT(T)
(616) 331-5600

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Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)

Katherine Moran, DNP, CDE, FAADE
(616) 331-7160

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Occupational Therapy (Dr.O.T.)

Susan Cleghorn, DrOT
(616) 331-2799

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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)

Carla Floyd Slabaugh, DrOT
(616) 331-5648

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Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (M.P.N.L.)

Michelle Wooddell, Ph.D. 
(616) 331-6495

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Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

Dan Vaughn, PT, Ph.D.
(616) 331-5700

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Physician Assistant Studies (M.P.A.S.)

Paul Christensen, M.D.
(616) 331-5700

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Professional Science Masters (P.S.M.)

Anirudh Chowdhary, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6297

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Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Davia Downey, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6681

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Public Health (M.P.H.)

Ranelle Brew, Ed.D. 
(616) 331-5570

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School Psychology (M.S. & Psy.S.)

Amy Campbell, Ph.D.
(616) 331-2409

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Social Innovation (M.A.)

Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Ph.D.
(616) 331-8191

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Social Work (M.S.W.)

Cray Mulder, Ph.D. 
(616) 331-6550

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Speech Language Pathology (M.S.)

Courtney Karasinski, Ph.D.
(616) 331-5670

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Taxation (M.S.T.)

Koleta Moore, MPA
(616) 331-7400

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Bachelor/Master Combined Degree Programs