The Graduate School


  • Enforce all Graduate Education policies at GVSU
  • Review and approve all exception to policy requests
  • Administer the graduate assistantship program and Presidential Research Grant program
  • Coordinate the work of the Graduate Council with the Office of the Provost and the University Academic Senate
  • Meet regularly with stakeholders to discuss issues and resolve concerns facing graduate education at GVSU
  • Host events throughout the year that foster collaboration among graduate students and faculty, and that recognize achievement in research and academic endeavors
  • Work closely with the Division of Student Affairs and the Graduate Student Association to ensure the needs of graduate students are being met
  • Meet the staff
  • Message from the Associate Vice-Provost
Graduate Students
Graduate Students
Graduate Students


Support and advance excellence in graduate education and the scholarly and professional activities associated with it, while promoting a diverse, inclusive, and connected community.


Excel in preparing students for tomorrow’s world by offering distinctive and exemplary graduate education programs that are student and career centered, promote impactful community collaboration, and foster engaging scholarly experiences. 


  • Critical Thought – Our students skillfully engage in conceptualizing, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and applying knowledge to their profession and community.
  • High-Impact Challenges – Our students engage in challenging and transformative activities while learning in a holistic environment.
  • Inclusion – Our students learn in an environment that is collegial, collaborative, equitable, and inclusive.
  • Personal Capacity – Our students develop and sustain personal initiative and maintain a culture of professionalism and integrity.

2025 Goals

  1. Facilitate graduate student engagement by offering numerous and diverse activities that support active learning, degree completion, and professional success.
  2. Increase the opportunities available for students to participate in quality, high-impact activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  3. Aid Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) and graduate faculty in identifying the activities that promote the success of all graduate students.
  4. Support the educational experiences of graduate students by collaborating with university committees, faculty, staff, and administration on the enhancement of graduate programs.

Division of Academic Affairs Strategic Plan

The Graduate School is a part of the Division of Academic Affairs and has a strategic plan in place to support its entire division and work towards the University's Reach Higher 2025 goals. 

The Division of Academic Affairs Strategic plan can be found on the Provost's Website -

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