The Graduate School


  • Enforce all Graduate Education policies at GVSU
  • Review and approve all exception to policy requests
  • Administer the graduate assistantship program and Presidential Research Grant program
  • Coordinate the work of the Graduate Council with the Office of the Provost and the University Academic Senate
  • Meet regularly with stakeholders to discuss issues and resolve concerns facing graduate education at GVSU
  • Host events throughout the year that foster collaboration among graduate students and faculty, and that recognize achievement in research and academic endeavors
  • Work closely with the Division of Student Affairs and the Graduate Student Association to ensure the needs of graduate students are being met
  • Meet the staff
  • Message from the Associate Vice-Provost
Graduate Students
Graduate Students
Graduate Students


To define, support, and advance excellence in graduate education and the scholarly and research activities associated with it. To articulate a vision of excellence in our actions and policies that affect students, faculty, and curriculum. To advocate for graduate education and graduate students, faculty, and staff within the university in terms of resources, services, and other activities that support graduate student endeavors and goals; and encourage a diverse, inclusive, and connected graduate community.


GVSU will become the university of choice for students seeking a strong graduate education in a Carnegie classification "Doctoral/Professional" institution of higher education that is grounded in a liberal arts tradition by focusing on the promotion of distinctive and exemplary graduate education programs, comprehensive educational settings, service, and scholarly experiences. The Graduate School will provide exemplary leadership and continuous support for the development and provision of distinctive and exceptional graduate programs that prepare GVSU graduates to be effective leaders in their field, to be engaged lifelong learners, to succeed in attaining a professional career or admission to further graduate or professional study, and to excel in a global environment. 


  • Critical Thought - our students actively and skillfully engage in conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information as it applies to their area of study as well as their community as a whole.
  • Personal Capacity - our graduate community develops and sustains personal initiative and maintains a culture of professionalism and integrity.
  • High Impact Challenges - we offer meaningful opportunities to learn in a holistic environment and those involved are challenged and transformed by the environment and those opportunities.
  • Inclusion - we provide an environment and climate of collegiality, collaboration, and inclusiveness for all.

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