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Professional Science Master's

The professional science master's (PSM) degree trains students in both science and professional skills, which makes graduates highly competitive in the workforce. There are five PSM programs offered:

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  • Applied Statistics, M.S.
  • Biostatistics, M.S.
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (biotechnology), M.S.
  • Data Science and Analytics, M.S.
  • Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, M.S.

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Why Study PSM at Grand Valley?

  • The PSM offers two years of training in respective biological or computer science courses along with professional training in the workplace, including business, communications, and regulatory affairs fields.
  • The demand for professionals working in all of the PSM fields is high, with projections continuing to be positive in the coming years.
  • The programs are tailored toward working professionals, offering flexible class schedules with evening meetings. Learning includes a combination of coursework, professional internships and other experiential learning programs.
  • Local partners such as Charles River Labs, Empirical Biosciences, Kent County Health Department, Michigan State University, MiHIN, and many more provide students with excellent internship and career opportunities.
  • Graduates are employed at reputable companies nationwide, including Amway, Priority Health, Van Andel Research Institute, Meijer, Spectrum Health, Steelcase, Cisco Systems, NxGenMDx, and Zoetis.

Location & Format

Class location varies by program. Consult individual program listing.



Each program is tailored toward its respective subject. However, all five PSM programs have common characteristics. These include their interdisciplinary nature, internship component, involvement with the university and its industry partners, and emphasis on teamwork, professional skills, problem-solving, communication, scientific knowledge, and technical skills.

Career Options

Master's level statisticians, cell and molecular biologists, data analysts, those working in health informatics and bioinformatics, and biostatisticians often work in the following areas:

  • Academic research laboratories
  • Business intelligence
  • Data management and analysis
  • Drug development/clinical trials
  • Evaluation of clinical trials data
  • Healthcare data analysis
  • Marketing analytics

For More Information

Professional Science Master's (PSM) Program | (616) 331-6297 | 618C LV Eberhard Center
Anirudh Chowdhary, Program Director
[email protected]

Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Office | (616) 331-2025

Program Director

Anirudh Chowdhary, Ph.D.


“Students graduate feeling confident in their ability to follow their curiosities and in their ability to take the initiative to understand whatever new ideas or skills are required of them.”