Graduate Student Resources

Resources for International Students

The Graduate School has worked to put together resources the specifically apply to international graduate students. We realize that after you are admitted to a program that there is a long checklist for you to work through and we want to make sure that we are supporting you through each step. 

Visit the International Student Website to find out more about what we have to offer International Students.

Graduate admission requirements can be found through the Office of Admissions.

An International Student Orientation is provided to help you feel comfortable here.

Upcoming Virtual International Events

Every Friday morning at 9:00 AM our International Admissions team is hosting hour-long virtual sessions for prospective students and admitted students to discuss any questions that you may have. Whether you want general information, details pertaining to a specific program, or just want to see what GVSU has to offer, please take a look at the webinars available for you. We are here to support you in your quest for graduate education at GVSU.

Online Learning Guide

The Graduate School has put together an Online Learning Guide with tips and resources to make each online learning experience a success. Included in this document: How to Prepare for Your First Online Course; How to Set Up a Home Office for Online Learning; How to Avoid Feeling Isolated in Your Online Course; Tips for Taking Online Classes; and Resources for Online Learning.

Winter 2023 Graduate School Citation Awards

Health Resources

Resources for students, including mental health, physical health, sexual health, veteran's health, and more

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