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Additional Resources on Blackboard

Some resources for unit heads are posted on the Unit Heads Blackboard site.


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Acronym Decoder

Admissions requirements



CLAS Agenda Planning Committee 

Large Academic: Debbie Herrington (CHM), Esther Billings (MTH)

Medium Academic: Janel Pettes-Guikema, Ashley Shannon (ENG)

Small Academic:Mark Staves (CMB) 2, Open 





Booking Conference Rooms

  • 308 PAD, 1-2495
  • B-4-243 MAK, 1-2495
  • B-4-106 MAK, 1-2495
  • B-2-226 MAK, 1-2495
  • Kirkhof Center and Cook DeWitt, contact Event Services


GVSU Laker Store Faculty Resources



Members of the Budget Planning Committee

Darren Walhof (2022)

Janet Vigna (2022)

Chris Toth (2023)

Rich Vallery (2023)

Heather Van Wormer (2023)




CLAS Academic Advising Center (C-1-140 MAK) phone 1-8585


CLAS Acts TT faculty e-newsletter


CLAS Dean's Office, B-4-232 MAK, 1-2495 (see also Dean's Office)

Organizational Chart of the CLAS College Office and Unit Heads (as of Sept. 14, 2022)


CLAS Database


The CLAS Teacher archive (newsletter for AFF, VIS, ADJ faculty of CLAS)


CLAS Weekly Mailing




Complaints & grievances


Curriculum Process


Dean's Office


Departmental Website


Digital Studio

  • The Digital Studio is available for faculty/staff and students to have media digitized. Computing and Technology Support is staffing a Digital Studio. It is equipped with high-end technology and the latest software titles. The digital studio seeks to promote the creation of virtual learning experiences through providing consulting services, project development, and technology exploration. D-2-329 Mackinac Digital Studio website



Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence




FAP/FAR Calendar 2022-23


October 1 - Faculty use Digital Measures to create their Faculty Activity Plans (FAPs) and submit to their unit heads. Joint appointees submit to BOTH unit heads.

October 15 - In the cases of joint appointees, the unit head in the secondary unit submits feedback on the FAP to the primary unit head.    

October 15 through November 30 - Unit process for reviewing FAPs.

December 1 - Completion of FAP review process. Units do not need to forward FAPs to the Dean’s office but should store electronic copies of all FAPs.


January 16 - Faculty use Digital Measures to create their Faculty Activity Reports (FARs) and submit to their unit heads, along with an updated CV. Joint appointee submit to BOTH unit heads.

January 16 - Date by which unit head lets Associate Dean Anderson know of unit decision regarding waiving unit peer review process.

January 28 - For joint appointments and other reassignments, date by which secondary unit head submits feedback on FAR to primary unit’s head so that this feedback can appropriately be taken into consideration.

February 17 - Last date by which unit’s peer review should be complete, considering joint appointment feedback when relevant. (Units may opt for earlier deadlines.) 

March 10 - Unit heads submit faculty FARs and CVs. The submission process is through the Faculty Activity Report website.

Communication to faculty: Once confirmed by Dean, unit head may share category with faculty; ordinarily this happens by commencement.

 *This calendar is constructed in collaboration with Brooks College so that the dates pertaining to joint appointments are shared between our two colleges.





Graders (Student Grader application--accessible to unit heads only)

Graduate Programs

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences includes master's degree programs in several disciplines.

Masters of Science in Biology

Masters of Biomedical Sciences (M.H.S.)

Masters of Communications

Masters of Arts in English

Professional Science Masters (PSM) (administered in College of Engineering)

Grants and Research Resources


Hiring/Faculty Searches

Human Subjects




LIFT teaching evaluation


Late Add Request Instructions


Meetings, conducting productive



  • New faculty orientation, contact  ph 1-2495  Donovan Anderson
  • Resources Useful for New Faculty
  • New faculty networking social, contact  the CLAS college office (1-2495)




CLAS Personnel Calendar for 2022-2023 

August 29 Candidate submits portfolio to Unit Head

October 14 Units submit promotion materials (promotion to Professor) to the Dean’s Office (CLAS Personnel Committee) Earlier submissions are welcome!

November 18 CLAS Personnel Committee submits recommendations to the dean

December 16 Dean notifies candidate and Unit Head of recommendation

January 31 Provost makes decision and notifies appropriate people.



Personnel Policies

Personnel Process


  • University Communications has professional photographers that may be available to be booked for your event. Individual portraits can be taken for a small fee.


PSS Reorganization Plan 2021



Record Retention/information security



Regional Math & Science Center,  1-2267



Research support




Risk Reduction for Experiential Learning




Salary Adjustment/Evaluation Process



  • All course changes outside of Rounds 1 and 2 should be submitted as Requests in Coursedog.  Questions may be directed to Tracy McLenithan or George McBane as appropriate.
  • Registrar's page on scheduling
  • Department dibs room use policy:  After Round 1 of scheduling each fall, schedules for all rooms that have dibs assigned to CLAS departments will be reviewed.  All General Purpose and Lecture Hall rooms should be scheduled for at least 41 class hours (50 minutes each) each semester.    Any department-dibs room not used a total of 81 class hours per week across fall and winter semesters, and no fewer than 36 hours/week in either semester,  will be returned to the main CLAS pool the following year.  The scheduled courses will not be removed, but the department will no longer have exclusive access to the room for the first round of scheduling.

            The 41-hour expectation also applies to Dual Purpose or Computer classrooms with department dibs, though they are not subject to the dibs-withdrawal policy during scheduling for AY 23/24. They may become subject to the policy in future years.

            Special Purpose rooms are not subject to this policy. 

            The scheduled usage for each Allendale room is available in the ‘open slot list’ file for each upcoming semester at < Room Capacity page on the ALL Room Usage tab. (Log in required)

            Departments that expect not to be able to fill their dibs rooms to this standard are encouraged to contact the College to either (1) arrange to release one or more rooms in advance, or (2) arrange to share first-round priority with one or more other departments.


Staffing Plan Information


Statistical Consulting Center, A-1-178 MAK, 1-3355


Strategic Planning Resources




Student Graders policy


Student records


Support Staff



Surge Assistance Request Form


Training needed by new Unit Heads

  • IT Training (general)
  • Banner - Finance (Accounting Business Office, 331-2233)
  • Banner - Permit overrides (Records)
  • OnBase - (Accounting Business Office, 331-2233)
  • Ultratime - PSS biweekly hours (Payroll)
  • Ultratime - Quarterly vacation approval
  • GV Assess 


Travel & Expense


Unit Head resources


Unit Head meeting schedule

Fall 2022  

  • Unit Head Retreat: August 23 – 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Hager Park VanderLaan Room  

  • September 7, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • September 21, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2204 (Pere Marquette)  

  • October 5, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • October 19, 3– 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • November 2, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • November 16, 3– 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • November 30, 3 – 5 p.m. TBD  

  • December 21, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

Winter 2023   

  • January 18, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • February 1, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • February 15, 3 – 5 p.m.  Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • March 1, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • March 15, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • March 29, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • April 19, 3 – 5 p.m.  Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

  • May 3, 3 – 5 p.m. Kirkhof Room 2215/2216  

Weekly Mailings and other archives


Unit Head Planning Calendar                                                                                                               


University Policies



Work Benefits Flyer explaining cost of living, lifestyle and package benefits


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