Resources Useful for New Faculty

Acronym and abbreviation decoder
Acronym Decoder

Human Resources Forms

GVSU Policies



Annual College of Liberal Arts & Science Events
There are lots of opportunities to meet your colleagues. A listing of CLAS events during the year.

Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

How to sign up for free on-campus training seminars From IT to exercise, it is all happening here.

Some of the training that is offered can help you to make everyone at GVSU feel welcome such as inclusion & equity training (see Sprout).

Blackboard for Faculty

Faculty resources for Blackboard

Reserve a Book at the Library

GVSU's Copyright Policy

Copyright policy

Support for your teaching


Knowledge Market

Support for your research
There are many sources of research help, but these are a great place to start.

Opportunities for collegiality and sharing your research

CLAS Academic Advising Center
CAAC website

GVSU Laker Store   Book Orders

GVSU Surplus Store (online store, bricks and mortar store in Standale)

When is the final exam for my course?

Stay current with campus news

  • Sign up for automatic e-mail digests of the news on GVNext  in the footer of the GVNext webpage
  • CLAS Acts is the College's monthly tenure-track faculty e-newsletter that you will receive by e-mail on or about the first of each month. Archive: CLAS Acts 
  • The CLAS Teacher is a twice yearly publication for Affiliate, Visiting and Adjunct Faculty The CLAS Teacher newsletter
  • The Lanthorn is our student newspaper available from stands around campus. 
  • Something changed--what's up with parking?

Schedule for The Laker Line bus

Work Life resources 

Diversity Resources offices (Women's Center, LGBT Resource Center, Multicultural...)

GVSU Children's Enrichment Center

Location of the on-campus nursing nests: information about the app

Campus Recreation

Performing arts upcoming events
A page combining Music, Theatre, and Dance events:

Relocation resources (movers giving a GVSU discount, banks, etc.)

Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center
For teaching resources, workshops, grants, awards and more:


Some Frequently Asked Questions

I heard something about Repair Clinic?  We offer an opportunity once each semester for our students to have free repairs done by faculty and staff volunteers.  Learn more about Repair Clinic.

It's the first Friday of the month at noon--what's that noise?
An emergency siren is tested the first Friday of each month, March through November. The test will consist of a one to three minute steady tone. This siren would be used in the event of an actual emergency such as a tornado.

I come from a place it never snows.  How can I get ready for my first Michigan winter?

Glad you asked.  We are set up for the conditions here, and there are resources you can use and local lore you can tap into.  See our webpage New to Michigan Weather?

I Have Dietary Restrictions
In the spirit of inclusion, CLAS posts menus a couple of days in advance for all its major events (see the CLAS website page devoted to that event). We do our best to note when a dish is vegan, gluten free, etc. and if a dish includes pork products, shellfish, dairy, etc. We strive for a variety that will enable you to enjoy our events.

I overdid it at the Rec Center. Can I get some help on campus?
Yes, check out the Injury Care Clinic:

Now what do I do?  I lost my:

I'm on campus and not feeling well.  What can I do?  Campus Health Center: Diagnosis and treatment of acute minor illness, injury or accidents for students, faculty and staff. 10383 A 42nd Ave. • Allendale, MI 49401-9403 • Phone: 331-2435 • FAX: 331-2440

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