As an undecided major, you are not alone. Nationally, "undecided" or "exploratory" is the most popular college major and on average, 70 percent of all students change majors at least once during their academic career. Grand Valley has many people, programs, and courses to help you make the decision that is right for you. Grand Valley's general education curriculum is designed to provide students exposure to a sampling of academic areas while earning credit towards graduation. Students have time to explore majors through the general education curriculum as well as taking classes that may be of interest to them. Many students do not declare a major until their second year.   

The Exploratory Advising Program provides academic advising to undecided students and for students who are transitioning from one major to another.

Each Exploratory student is assigned a professional academic advisor who will:

  • help guide you to resources and tools to make an informed major and career decision
  • help you develop a course plan that will include general education requirements and exploration courses 
  • interpret university policies, procedures, and degree requirements
  • make you aware of high impact learning experiences and opportunities that will strengthen your career path 
  • identify campus-wide academic support resources such as tutoring and study skills development