Frequently Asked Student Questions

Q. What are the hours of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean's Office?

A. Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for public holidays and the last week in December . The phone number is (616) 331-2495.  Our email address is [email protected].  We are in the B wing of Mackinac Hall (MAK) on the 4th floor in room 232.  Here is a link to a campus map.

Here is a description of how to get to our office in Mackinac Hall.

Q. I have an advising question and heard I should go to "CLAS". Is this the right place?

A. You can get help more directly by contacting the CLAS Academic Advising Center (rather than the Dean's Office).  You can call them on (616) 331-8585. They are located on the first floor of MAK.

Q. How do I get a dean's signature on my Late Add form?

A. Deliver completed Drop/Add form (with proper signatures) with letter attached to the Dean's Office in B-4-232 MAK. The request will be evaluated by the Associate Dean within approximately 2 business days.   Approved Drop/Add forms will NOT be forwarded to the Records Office; students must pick up their forms at the front desk in B-4-232 MAK and deliver them to the Records Office (150 STU) for processing.   Late Add Instructions

Q. Do I need a dean's signature for a Late Drop ?

A. The answer is no.  You need the following: 

  • Professor signature
  • Unit Head signature
  • Letter of support from the professor/unit head

Q. I’m a graduate student ready to file my thesis. I understand I need my dean’s signature. How do I go about that?

A. If you are in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (here is a list of our graduate programs), bring or send hard copy of your thesis to our office (B-4-232 MAK).  Directions to the office can be found here.  If the situation is particularly time sensitive, contact Tracy McLenithan on [email protected].

Q. I think I should be on the Dean's List, and I'm in a CLAS major. Should I contact you about that?

A.  The Registrar's office produces the Deans List.  University Communications formats and distributes the Dean's List to media.  The Dean's list is not something that comes from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences office even though you may receive a letter with the dean's signature--but we do congratulate you!


Q. I think I may have a grievance. What is the procedure?

A. There are several types of grievances and a defined procedure for each.  Please learn more on our Academic Grievance Procedures & Student Complaints page.

Q. Where should I go if my question doesn't appear here?

A.  We recommend you also look at the frequently asked questions on the Registrar's site or check the Student Code.

Page last modified May 28, 2024