Why Veterans Choose GVSU

Grand Valley understands that service members and their families have unique needs and responsibilities when it comes to starting, earning and completing their degrees.

Our veteran-specific resources are offered an integrated support system that guides these students to graduation.

We believe that military veterans are one of our greatest untapped resources for the benefit of our companies, nonprofits and government organizations. We also believe that veterans are the way to stronger, safer, more innovative communities and country.

GVSU is a university dedicated to being veteran-inclusive, and we've created a comprehensive program that helps veterans feel supported and connected all the way through graduation and beyond.

Our path to better communities, companies and country is to fully support student veterans. 

GVSU Laker Veteran Female Student

What GVSU offers:

  • Application fees waived for military-connected students
  • Priority registration
  • In-state tuition for veterans
  • Peer Advising Veterans Education (PAVE) program
  • Veteran-specific job coaching and networking
  • Laker Military Resource Center (Lounge)
  • Military/Veteran Friendly School (U.S. News and World Report) 
  • Deployment and reentry accommodations
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Program
  • Federal and state tuition assistance programs 
  • Army ROTC via crosstown agreement
  • Top 15 percent of all schools in the nation in the Best for Vets category

Veterans Apply Free

Your service never stops at GVSU

As a veteran, you know the power of service. You volunteered years of your life to be a part of something bigger. GVSU is here to support you on your next journey, arming you today with a valuable liberal arts degree and a vision of a better future.