Why Veterans Choose GVSU

Grand Valley understands that service members and their families have unique needs and responsibilities when it comes to starting, earning and completing their degrees.

Our veteran-specific resources are offered an integrated support system that guides these students to graduation.

We believe that military veterans are one of our greatest untapped resources for the benefit of our companies, nonprofits and government organizations. We also believe that veterans are the way to stronger, safer, more innovative communities and country.

GVSU is a university dedicated to being veteran-inclusive, and we've created a comprehensive program that helps veterans feel supported and connected all the way through graduation and beyond.

Our path to better communities, companies and country is to fully support student veterans. 


A "Veteran Friendly" College

According to Veteran.com

Best for Vets

Best for Vets university Military Times seal
Veterans's Gold Award

Gold Star Status eight years in a row

Ready to apply?

Download our Veteran's Checklist for a step-by-step walkthrough of the veteran application process. This detailed guide includes "9 Steps to Success" that will make your transition to GVSU seamless and enjoyable.


Academic Program Offerings

Grand Valley State University offers 96 undergraduate degrees, 45 graduate degrees, and a variety of digital badges and certificates. Whether you know what academic path you want to take, or want to explore these options, our Academic Programs pages are a great start. 

Explore Our Programs


A GVSU veteran student on the Pew campus.

Programs for Adult Students

LEADS Bachelor's Degree Completion

Grand Valley offers many different types of programs. If you are transitioning out of the military with hopes of a specific degree, or a career military veteran looking to go back to college, our accelerated degree completion program for adults is a convenient and fantastic option. This program is offered online and includes a bachelor's in Integrated Studies and your choice of one of five in-demand certificates: Leadership, Business Fundamentals, Data Analysis, Project Management, and Intercultural Competence.

Veteran's Advance

The Veterans Advance program is designed to acknowledge the strong, transferable skills you have learned from your service that can be used to advance your civilian career while pursuing a degree at GVSU. This unique work-study program includes 20-hours of paid work experience and a special leadership track with one of our corporate sponsors.


GVSU veteran students studying in Grand Valley's veteran lounge.
A Place to Connect

Grand Valley's veteran's lounge is the perfect place to study or connect with fellow veterans and support staff.


The Veteran Video Series

From interviews and student groups to veteran-specific resources and services, this video series is worth a watch. 

GVSU Veterans Leads

GVSU Veterans Leads

GVSU Veterans Laker Vets

GVSU Laker Vets

GVSU Veterans Promise

GVSU Veterans Promise

GVSU Veterans Financial Aid

GVSU Veterans Financial Aid

GVSU Veterans Upward Bound

GVSU Veterans Upward Bound

GVSU Veterans - Joseph Early Emergency Fund

GVSU Veterans - Joseph Early Emergency Fund

GVSU Veterans Alumni Chapter

GVSU Veterans Alumni Chapter

The Veteran Promise for High School Seniors

If you’re a Michigan high school senior graduating this year and you’ve enlisted in the military, we have a groundbreaking way of saying ‘thank you.’ It’s the GVSU Veteran Promise and we’re the first university in the country and only university in Michigan to reward your military service this way.

The Veteran Promise

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