Affiliate Faculty governance and elections

Affiliate faculty have governance committees at the college (CAFAC) and university (AFAC) levels.  You can find information about both on this page.

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To learn more about nominations and approval voting, please see our Nominations and Voting Process page.


Affiliate Committee elections 

Questions may be directed to Sally Ross, Chair of CLAS Faculty Council at:   [email protected]

CLAS Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee (CAFAC)

Regular meeting hours are 1-2:30 p.m., first and third Fridays, PAD 308

Becky Bergakker the Chair

____TBD_____is Recorder

The CLAS Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee will advise the Dean on issues concerning Affiliate faculty, such as working conditions, workload, evaluation process, opportunities for development and advancement, and roles within respective units.  It will review current policies and make recommendations to the Dean.  Through its work, the committee strives to strengthen the integration of the Affiliate community within their respective departments and across CLAS.

No limitations on number of faculty members from a unit


Five positions with 2-year terms

Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC): Meets on Friday from 7-9 a.m.

The role of this Advisory Committee is to represent the needs and perspectives of all University Affiliate Faculty and to provide recommendations to University bodies on matters which may impact Affiliate faculty responsibilities, with the goal of providing an optimal teaching and learning environment as well as increased advocacy, visibility, retention, and development for all Affiliate faculty. To serve as a liaison between the GVSU academic community and University Affiliate faculty, and inform and advise UAS on factors that affect teaching and learning as well as advise on university-wide policies and procedures in regard to Affiliate faculty role, workload, etc.  The Committee will clarify the roles of and/or expectations for Affiliate faculty while increasing Affiliate faculty visibility at GVSU and maintain a collaborative relationship with Regular faculty.

Maximum of one faculty member from a unit.

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