Active Learning Classrooms in MAK for 2023-24 (from the Registrar) 

Two active learning classrooms are available in Mackinac Hall (MAK).  

The rooms are set up for dual delivery to remote and in-room students simultaneously, particularly for discussion-based pedagogy.  They include:  

  • multiple screens that can project both a gallery view of the remote students and instructional material,   
  • ceiling-mounted microphones so remote students or presenters can hear what in-class students say,  
  • cameras with pan/tilt/zoom control, full views of the whiteboard, and, in B-1-110, automatic tracking of instructor,  
  • dual monitor instructor stations,  
  • movable furniture.  

MAK A-1-111 (capacity 38 students) is a CLAS dibs room and is already fairly heavily scheduled, but B-1-110 (cap 36) is a GV room and is currently lightly scheduled for Summer 23, Fall 23, and Winter 24.  Their current schedules are visible in the calendar files available at the Room Capacity page. Each unit interested in moving courses into one of these rooms should send a message specifying which specific sections they would like to move and which room to Mona Silva ([email protected]) by December 9.   After that deadline, the Colleges and Registrar will work to assign slots as well as possible.  Our goal is to do this quickly so that units can make use of spots in other rooms that are freed up by switching into one of these rooms. 


Page last modified November 29, 2022