Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! CLAS is the largest of Grand Valley's colleges. Our students choose from more than 50 bachelor degrees (and a growing number of advanced degrees) in the natural and mathematical sciences, the fine arts and humanities, and the social sciences. In fact, all GVSU undergraduates build the foundation for their major studies in general education courses offered by our College. It all starts here.     

Star Wars Insider magazine taps two anthropologists

Sometimes the lens of anthropology can bring even fictional worlds into focus.

Aug 8, 2022

New Name Includes Reading Center

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean's Office is excited to announce, effective August 6, 2022, that the CLAS Tutoring Center has been renamed The CLAS Tutoring and Reading Center.

Aug 8, 2022

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Corpse flower blooming time lapse

Corpse flower blooming time lapse

Prof. Sok Kean Khoo and students research together

Students on the Trail of Parkinson's

What is it like to tour with the New Music Ensemble?

video of ensemble in national parks

Geologists studying climate change

How geologists in the field study climate change in South Carolina

Laker Marching Band

Laker Marching Band video

History Professor Louis Moore

History Professor Louis Moore

Locked in Virtual Space

45 Days in a Space Capsule

Professor Tim Evans has emerged from his big adventure at NASA.

The Olosho Ethnobotany Project

The Olosho Ethnobotany Project featuring Professor Hedges

Diversity in Education Endowed Scholarship

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To assist an undergraduate full-time student of color with the intention of pursuing a career as a teacher, preference will be given to students participating in any existing teacher pipeline partnership programs.

Dean Fred Antczak Endowed Scholarship

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This fund is to benefit students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have a financial need.

CLAS Fellowships for Liberal Education in Action

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This fund will provide CLAS students with financial support to allow them to participate in high impact experiences such as research, internships, community-based projects, etc. that might have too much opportunity cost without this support.

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