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If you have been impacted by sexual assault, rape, intimate partner violence, stalking, or any gender-based violence, free confidential support is available to you!

Victim Advocate Campus Resource

The role of the Victim Advocate is to provide nonjudgmental, confidential support to student victim/survivors of gender-based violence, which plays a critical role in the healing process of a victim/survivor. Talking with our Victim Advocate is confidential and DOES NOT start a formal misconduct or criminal process, unless you want to access those options.

Victim Advocacy services are available to all students.

Make an appointment with Kaylee Wolff HERE or email her directly at [email protected] to access services. Appointments are highly encouraged.

To learn more about victim advocacy, click here! 

Violence Prevention Education

All violence prevention programs are designed to center the voices and experiences of victim/survivors and are created to be trauma-informed and promote a culture of healing and support. We offer programs throughout the year and also take workshop requests for pre-existing programs or for a customized workshop. 

Please call (616) 331-2748 or e-mail [email protected] to access services!

To request a violence prevention program or to learn more about violence prevention at GVSU, click here!  

Food & Basic Needs Resource

Replenish is an on campus, GVSU food resource, developed to support students.  If you have questions about accessing Replenish please contact us at 331-STOR (7867).  Hours of operation are M-F 12-5, but hours may vary during COVID-19 impacts.  Replenish is located on the lower level of Kirkhof in room 074.

Please call (616) 331-2748 or e-mail Replenish directly at [email protected] to access services

Click here for additional basic needs resources

Fostering Laker Success

Fostering Laker Success (FLS), is a grant funded effort that works to provide a supportive network to program participants to ensure their success on and off campus. Laker participants will have access to key resources that can help them succeed academically, professionally and develop fundamental life skills.  FLS has joined the statewide college/university initiative to increase college graduation rates among youth who have experienced foster care. 

Please call (616) 331-2748 or e-mail Brandy Thompson directly at [email protected] to access services

Click here to learn more about Fostering Laker Success!

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With your support, the Center for Women and Gender Equity will have the capacity and resources to carrying on existing initiatives while developing new efforts that incorporate our vision for the future. Contact us for more information about making a gift.


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To recruit, retain, and graduate youth that have experience with the foster care system with the goal of post-secondary completion at GVSU

Supports the efforts of the Student Food Resource run by the Gayle R. Davis Center for Women and Gender Equity. Available to all students at GVSU, it provides free food, hunger education, and other resources.

To support our continued growth, a Center for Women and Gender Equity Enrichment Circle has been created to recognize donors that support our work with a gift of $1,000. We established this group to provide the Center with resources necessary to achieve ambitious plans for the next 10 years through increases to the current Center for Women and Gender Equity Program Endowment. If you participate as a faculty/staff member, your gift will be matched by the University! And, there is a beautiful Center for Women and Gender Equity Enrichment Circle recognition plaque hung in the Center for Women and Gender Equity that lists the names of donors. Establishing the Center for Women and Gender Equity Enrichment Circle will help the Center for Women and Gender Equity to extend its reach at Grand Valley, throughout West Michigan, and beyond.

If you want more information about how to make a $1,000 gift and join the Center for Women and Gender Equity Enrichment Circle please contact Jessica Jennrich ([email protected]). Thank you for considering this opportunity to support the Center for Women and Gender Equity into the future!


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