Room capacity and use

Room calendars and open slot lists are being generated each week from the Banner schedule and are posted on this page. These calendars include only General Purpose and Lecture Hall classrooms on the Allendale campus. 

People needing corresponding information for Spring/Summer, for other room types, or for other campuses should contact George McBane.


Classroom data

Capacities and detailed layout drawings for all our classrooms are now available at the Registrar’s website


New "Classrooms" Website
The Academic Space Committee announces the launch of the new Classrooms website. The site features a page for each classroom, laboratory, and other learning space on campus, with information such as seating capacity and room type; kinds of seating and mobility; availability of technology, power, and hearing loops; floor plans; and photographs of each room. On the site, users can search by building and a variety of attributes.

Note: to report information that is incorrect and needs to be updated, there is a link on the site. However, we are still wrapping up adding photographs to the site.


Under Development


Room Calendars and Open Slots files are updated daily during scheduling and then Mondays the rest of the year by about 9 a.m.

Page last modified September 18, 2023