Acronym Decoder

Acronym Category What it stands for Action
AAA Advising minor in African American Studies View
ABD Degree All but dissertation View
ACC Advising Accounting View
AD Rank Assistant or Associate Dean View
Ad/PR major Advertising/Public Relations major View
Adj Rank Adjunct professor View
AFF Rank Affiliate professor View
AGE Advising minor in Aging and Adult Life View
AH Building Alumni House View
AHSC Advising Allied Health Sciences View
ALL campus Allendale View
ANT CLAS unit Anthropology View
AP Employment category Administrative Professional View
APR advising Advertising Public Relations View
APSC Committee Academic Policies and Standards Committee View
ARA Advising minor in Arabic View
ARC Advising minor in Archaeology View
AREX Advising Art Education View
ART CLAS unit Visual and Media Arts (formerly Art & Design) View
ARTH Advising Art History View
ARTS Advising Studio Art View
ASH Building Au Sable Hall View
Assoc Rank Associate professor View
Asst Rank Assistant professor View
ATH Advising Athletic Training View

Page last modified October 28, 2021